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12I Putting Mirror (Optimal Path and Alignment Trainer)



Improve your putting accuracy and consistency with the 12i Putting Mirror. It offers a large mirror surface, for a full view of your head and shoulder alignment over the ball, and 8 optional putting pegs to serve as a path guide, exit gate and backstroke control. Depending on how you set the pegs, you can practice a square or arcing putting path for left or right handed use. The durable 3/16" mirror comes with a protective carry bag for storage between sessions.

  • Improves putting accuracy and consistency
  • Putting arc lines guide the proper club path
  • Mirror allows for adjusting shoulder alignment and keeping eyes over the ball
  • Moveable pegs help keep the putter on path
  • Putting gate ensures putter head is square at impact
  • 12i is the 12" x 7"?� center-cut of the 21i mirror with both arcing and straight target lines, exit gate and backstroke control features
  • Portable and fits into bag